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Volunteers and Donors

Our event today was a great one because we had our 2 youngest volunteers yet Araoluwa 8 years old and her younger sister Darasimi 7years old visited the Sogunro community with our team. This was done as part of the mandatory internship program from their school.

They were particularly glad to assist the team and meet pregnant women and infants. We also had a Nigerian in the diaspora as a volunteer and donor. She donated items like infant formula, feeding bottles, clothes, beverages, sanitary towels diapers and so on. Her visit was particularly helpful because she bailed us out on the money needed to run a series of test on one of our most critical patient who is HIV/AIDs positive and her toddler(also positive) we were able to also give out beautiful dresses to our newborn baby girls donated by another of our consistent donor.

We immunized 15 babies from 0 to 1 year, attended to 25 pregnant women 2 of whom got their tetanus injection shot. We are able to do all of these because of the support and assistance we receive from you so thank you for all you do to make us who we are.


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