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Monthly outreaches are carried out in each of the communities listed below.

Each community has set monthly days allocated for it.
If you would like to volunteer at at any one or more of the monthly outreaches, send an email to


Sogunro is a slum community in Yaba local government/Lagos mainland local government. We discovered that the number of girls and women of reproductive age; teenage pregnancies were very rampant. The road network into this community is very poor - a mixture of riverine and land lock with the closest primary health center being a minimum of 30 minutes walk, depending on the side of the communities you are coming from. The community dwellers resorted to using traditional birth attendants on water and that requires boat rides which further endangers their lives. One of the Baales (a leader) of these communities mentioned that they end up losing mothers and babies during boat travels. These communities encounter maternal and child mortality due to access, poverty, and lack of skilled health workers. Some of these women actually take their own deliveries. We started our interventions here to address some of these issues through our routine events. We also record attendance from other communities in this region. We have seen increased change in health seeking behaviours, vaccination pick ups, contraceptives take up, and overall improvement in maternal and child health and wellbeing.


A slum community in Yaba local government/ Lagos mainland local government. We started our intervention in this community because we noticed an attendance record from here during our routine events in Sogunro. This community is particularly a very religious one, women here don’t believe in seeking skilled healthcare, they rely solely on religious practices and cultural practices in pregnancy and postpartum. They also do not believe in vaccination so we had to attach our activities to a church program organized for pregnant women by the church. We administer our healthcare intervention after their prayer meeting and some of them decline it. One way, or another we are seeing gradual improvements in embracing skilled care. We only run free routine antenatal care here and refer them to our Sogunro event venue for other services.


Another slum community in Yaba local government/ Lagos mainland local government. This community is even farther away from the government primary health center, but their only advantage is their access to the main road. They have the same issues with sogunro in terms of poverty, illiteracy, high teenage pregnancy rates and maternal and child mortality. We recorded attendance from this community at our Sogunro event center hence our decision to have interventions here too. We run free basic routine antenatal, postnatal care immunization and family planning services at this location.


A major slum community in Yaba local government/ Lagos mainland local government. This community is particularly very known within and outside Nigeria as a slum community with different interventions being carried out. And unfortunately, teenage pregnancy, maternal and child mortality are very common. They are served by the same primary health center as the aforementioned communities, but they are even farther away from the Primary Health Center. They have received more aid than the other slum community, but none has established on the long term impact towards maternal and child health challenges hence our decision to start our free routine antenatal, postnatal care, immunization an d family planning services here.


A slum community in Kosofe Local Government inhabited by Ilaje, Igbos, Egun, Calabars and Yorubas. This community is particularly more diverse than the other communities where we work in terms of the percentage of dwellers. They are governed by Illajes. We started our interventions here because of the distance in accessing skilled health care, prevalent teenage pregnancies and poverty. We started with free routine antenatal care and gradually working to include other services in collaboration with the Kosofe local government primary health centers.


This is another community in Kosofe Local Government sharing area with Idi-araba community. We intended to hold events in both communities but were not given a favorable working condition by the community leaders so our community mobilized from this community brings benefactors to our event in Idi-araba community.

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