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About Us

Alabiamo Maternal and Child Wellbeing Foundation (AMCWF) is a non-profit initiative born out of the desire to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in our world one community at a time.

Our Story


Since our launch in 2016, the AMCWF team has worked tirelessly to make a difference in various marginalised and underserved communities.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our volunteers and staff, who contribute their unique expertise and resources to every area of our work.

This collective effort empowers us to consistently achieve our goals year after year.

Our Vision

To end preventable maternal and child mortality and morbidity associated with cost, access, language barriers, culture, religion, illiteracy, and poverty.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering free routine antenatal, postnatal care, immunisation, and family planning services to the hard-to-reach, impoverished, marginalised, and vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

Accountability, Service, Integrity, Reliability.

Meet The Volunteer Management Team

We also have skilled health workers and other non-clinical volunteers who support us with their time, skills, and resources to whom we are most grateful for.

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