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Are you a registered Nonprofit?

Yes, Alabíamo Maternal and Child Well-being Foundation is a registered with Corporate  Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number CAC/IT/NO 92155.

What does Alabíamo Foundation do?

We provide free maternal and child health services such as basic routine antenatal and  postnatal care, immunization and family planning services to pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies in hard to reach communities in Lagos State and its environs.


Do I need to be a medical personnel to volunteer?

No you do not. There are other skills sets integral to what we do. Get in touch so we can get you can begin making a difference.

How do you get funds to run the foundation?

Our foundation runs majorly on the donations received from individual donors and a few organizations who give materials needed like routine drugs, baby essentials, and etcetera.

We fundraise weekly through our social media platforms.

Why do you do what you do?

Nigeria is amongst the highest contributors to global maternal and child mortality in the world. Hence, our mission is to change the statistics surrounding maternal and child mortality and morbidity in Nigeria and Africa.

Are your services only clinical?

No,  we cater to the both clinical and non-clinical needs for the overall well-being of women, girls and children who are our benefactors.

How can I get involved?

You can volunteer in person even if you are not a medical personnel during any of our monthly health outreach events. There are other skill sets integral to what we do. 

You can fill out our volunteer online form here:

For partnerships or collaborations kindly send an email to

You can also volunteer virtually through advocating and raising awareness of our foundation fundraising


Can I still get involved in the work you do even though I am not based in Nigeria?

Yes you can. Our community outreaches are only a fraction of what we do. You can serve as an advocate for our cause right where you are by helping us raise awareness in your community and network . The most important thing we need is your commitment on a consistent basis in whichever way you can help.

What is the minimum and maximum I can donate?

Nothing is too small, nothing is too much 

Every little counts, every bit helps. 


You can donate to 

Alabiamo Foundation GTbank | 0234436128 (Naira) 

Alabiamo Foundation GTbank | 0247293468 (Dollar)

How do you choose communities to work in?

We check if they have women and girls of child bearing ages and if these women  lack easy access to health facilities and care.

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