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November 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches Report

We welcome our donors and supporters to the 11th, the wind of Christmas is gradually breezing in…

Today, 3/11/2021 was another eventful day for the Alabiamo team, we arrived at the Jesuko community just in time to help us prepare for the pregnant women. After their usual Church service, we took this opportunity & were pleased with the pregnant women to wait and started our Routine antenatal clinic immediately.

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We attended to 8 expectant mothers while some other women left hurriedly giving excuses to attend to their business. Women in this community are known to work endlessly to meet household expenditure, women are found to still do these activities even in pregnancy.


04/11/2021 Sogunro and Oko agbon The sky is blue, the sun is rising and the wind of the morning is blowing, this happens to be the state of the weather of Lagos this morning as the team set out to our locations for our routine Antenatal, immunization, and family planning unit. Today is an exceptional clinic day for the Sogunro community and environment as the team will be running tests for HIV, Hepatitis, and Blood group concurrently with the routine clinic. Applaudably the Soungro’s women are always awaiting our presence every month in an orderly manner of assigning numbers to themselves even before our arrival which is a positive response towards health care and healthy living. We attended to 14 pregnant women for our Antenatal clinic, 27 children in the Immunization clinic, 2 women at the Family planning clinic, and tested 31 women.

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Whilst at our Oko-agbon outreach the turnout is low but the Alabiamo team & local mobilizers are working endlessly to achieve behavioral change in seeking health care. Six children were vaccinated, 1 woman attended the Antenatal clinic and one woman attended the Family planning clinic.


05/11/21 Makoko Community It was yet another rainy day in the city of Lagos, as usual, the community is usually flooded due to lack of drainage systems and proximity to the water body. Although we had to wait an hour to allow the rain to subside, the team still navigated their way down to our usual outreach place, Methodist Church Makoko.

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Communities usually have various persons whose words usually have a great impact on the life of their members & followers; A Pastor is one of such persons and we are glad that these pastors have been an accomodating contact person always helping us to influence their members.

Today we attended to 10 pregnant women and 14 children at our outreach clinic despite the morning heavy downpour and the flooded community. We beam with hopefulness and joy anytime we see newborn babies being brought for their at-birth immunization shots, this is to show that we gradually closing up the gap.


It is always a joyful moment for us at Alabiamo Foundation when our pregnant mother gives birth, and still attends the Post-natal clinic.

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We attended to 9 pregnant women 4 women at the Family Planning clinic during our health outreach to Mosafejo & Idi-araba community on Saturday, 20/12/2021.

We also had two new pregnant women and we were excited to give them the optimum care needed.


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One of our mission at the Alabiamo Foundation is to see that Maternal mortality and morbidity in Nigeria is greatly reduced. Today, we visited Ikorudu, particularly the Ajegunle community. Ten expectant mothers attended the Ante-natal clinic. The is one of our new communities and we are glad that gradually “Alabiamo” is becoming a known name among the mothers.


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