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December 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches Report

2nd of December, 2021

Jingle! Jingle!! Jingle!!! The bell! Welcome to December! This year has been so momentous for the Alabiamo team, working cyclically making sure we cover all communities assuring we give qualified and free health care. We have experienced happy and sad moments in the last months; expectant mothers birthing healthy babies, children reaching major milestones, and collaboration from other non-profit, also we have lost children and mothers but in all, we are optimistic for the year ahead.

The weather of Lagos tested our stamina, it made us face our greatest phobias; crossing rivers of dirty water to sustain the trust, we lifted heavy sack beyond our strength on the street of Lagos, and we showed up to the outreach at our lowest. We alone can not wear this victory cape without our sponsors, collaborators, and volunteers. Thank you all.

Yet again we showed at Sogunro and Oko-agbon communities simultaneously, as usual, we meet a queue of mothers awaiting our arrival. Today, at the Sogunro Antenatal clinic we attended 23 pregnant women, 3 women at the Family planning unit and 33 children at the immunisation clinic. Oko-agbon outreach, attended to 4 women at the antenatal clinic, 4 women at the Family planning clinic and 12 children at the immunisation clinic.

Today seems like every other outreach day but with a fulfilled heart that every month in this year, we save a mother and child from preventable death and illness with You at the centre of it all. Do you wish to join us to make this Christmas memorable for mothers and children in underserved communities, then; * Donate to help reach more women and children. *Support the foundation with drugs, birthing kit, children wears and diapers. *Collaborate with us on our different outreach days. *Volunteer your time and Skill.

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We had a case on the field today of severely malnourished children who are very small and frail for their age. She was not properly breastfed because her mother took it in when she was 2months. She needs complimentary meals and milk to thrive well. Nutrition is a major constituent of health. Some children reach their developmental milestones much later than other children due to varying factors which can be either hereditary or environmental influences. The environment influence majorly is the social space a person finds. Children ages 0-5years are very susceptible to diseases and adverse social factors. Poverty is a major factor in underserved communities, Poverty is a lack of monetary capacity to meet your basic and immediate needs. Nutrition and poverty have a reciprocal relationship which can be a precursor for malnutrition, decline immune system, and death. Children who are not well spaced, not properly breastfed, or do not have access to complementary feeds can be severely malnourished. We solicit your assistance to help these children, they are both malnourished for their age(1year & 2 months). Complimentary food and milk are needed to help thrive and read developmental milestones quickly. Donate for these children, put a smile on a mother’s face in this season of love.


03/12/2021 The uncertainties that come with the mystery of what is happening to a fetus in the uterus is bewildering, that is why at the core of our mission we strive daily to reduce maternal and child mortality & morbidity ensuring they have access to Antenatal care at the comfort of their homes or areas, and also safeguarding the future of the children. Today we assembled at the Methodist Church, Makoko. We attended to 10 women at the antenatal clinic while at the immunisation clinic we attended to 18 children. Routine drugs during pregnancy are to ensure mothers have adequate blood during labour and the fetus organs grow adequately to the child thrive well at birth. Childhood immunisation help children build immunity against illnesses.

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7th December 2021Jesuko community Maternal Mortality and Morbidity is still a great issue of the underserved & hard to reach communities. Today we assembled at our usual spot awaiting the end of church service for the pregnant women. We attended to 7 expecting mothers providing them with routine drugs, vital checks, and counseling on what is best for their growing fetus and themselves. It is our joy that willing the women are waiting behind to access these health services.

18/12/21 Mosafejo and Idi-araba communities. Christmas came early for the children at Mosafejo and Idi-araba communities as we collaborated with @drugaidafrica and @neatfoundation. Humanity been the core of our foundation especially towards pregnant women and children of ages 0-5 in underserved communities has always spur our collaboration with other vital Non-government to put a smile on out beneficiaries faces. Christmas is here without no denial! Lagos weather is dry and cool, travel buses are seen in mass transporting people out of Lagos. We assembled at our usual meeting point, anticipating the arrival of children and pregnant women. We attended to 4 pregnant women at our ante-natal clinic and over 150 children benefited from the deworm drugs and chewable Vitamin C from @drugaidafrica while @neatfoundation provide children with foodstuff. Indeed today was an eventful day for all team. We believe it is not to early to wish all our volunteers, corporate communities, donors and everyone who has contributed to the success of this year’s journey; a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

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