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September 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches Report

Jesuko, Iwaya. Community 01/09/2021 We assembled at our usual location; The International Mission For Souls Salvation(Mission Internationale Pour Le Saut Des Ames) Jesuko, Sogunro, Iwaya Yaba. The church program for pregnant women was still ongoing when we assembled which enabled us to get ready for the Ante-natal clinic.

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We began the antenatal clinic immediately after the service was over; our community mobilizer implored expectant mothers to wait behind for the clinic in their native language.

Some expectant mothers gave excuses and reluctantly left while some waited behind. We were able to attend to seven(7) mothers and referred one(1) expectant mother to Iwaya Primary Health Centre for proper care and the first dose of a Tetanus shot.

Routine drugs were given to all expectant mothers that waited for the Ante-natal clinic.

Sogunro/ Oko-agbon 02/09/2021 The climate is constantly changing from what it has been over the years. Its effect is most on countries, States, and communities that have bad town planning and lack of preparedness for what to expect. Lagos is constantly affected by climate change; Flood. Slums and impoverished communities are perpetually at the end of the spectrum.

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Lagos, Nigeria experienced a heavy downpour which started at approximately past 6 am today, lasting close to 3 hours. Against the uncertain weather and poor drainage system of our beneficiaries community we gathered and made our way through the flood down to the communities.

upon arrival at Sogunro community, the flood has overflowed houses and we were submerged to our torsos. We found it hard to navigate through the flood the community dwellers urged us to wait till the flood lessened. We had to re-strategize because we had women awaiting our arrival. Health workers for Oko-agbon arrived at their usual location and began their clinic routine. We had to take another route to Sogunro which meant being on the water for 30minutes. Against all Odds, panic, and fear, we landed safely on the land and started another 30minutes journey in the flood to our final destination, Methodist Church Nigeria(Pedro Local Church).

We commenced our antenatal and immunization clinic at noon which is exceptionally unusual. The presence of the mothers against their flooded houses and community was a major motivation after a dreadful journey to get to the community. We attended to 21 expectant mothers, 34 babies, and 3 women for Family Planning. 3 expectant mothers were referred to the Primary Health Centre, a child was also referred but was accompanied by a community mobilizer because of the nature of the diagnosis which needed immediate attention. The sum of three thousand two hundred naira was paid in full for the referred child at the primary Health care center for three days of admission of proper care. Oko agbon clinic attended 3 expectant mothers and also referred 1 to the primary health center.

We had a will, mission, our staff’s courage was tested but against all these, we wouldn’t have provided access to quality health care service today without YOU. Your donation adds colors to our stories. Thank you!

Makoko Communities 03/09/2021 Yet again we started our day in a heavy downfall. Communities still flooded, access to vaccines for pick up was very late due to the flood.

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Our team drenched in heavy downpour still made their way down to the usual location. Yet again their resiliency was tested, weak, tired & exhausted from yesterday’s journey. The team still has it at the core of their hearts to ensure quality maternal and child health care service is accessible to those at the grassroots under the rain and in the sun.

Mothers and women came out under the rain shielding their children, making sure they got to our location. A mother brought her child covered in a bowl while our mobilizers went door to door in the rain to beckon on mothers. Their presence is proof that there is a behavioral change towards health care services. We attended to 7 women, referred 1, while 12 children were immunized and referred 1.

This week’s outreach was a dreadful one but yet again your support made us stretch our hands of HOPE to these communities.

Idi-araba & Mosafejo community.- 18/09/2021

For the Alabiamo team, today’s visit to Idi-araba and Mosafejo community for the monthly outreach was an experience in the power of collaboration and cooperation.

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We had teams from two organizations with us – Drug Aid Africa carried out a deworming exercise and Edie and Amy provided birthing kits. Our outreach was also visited by Lagos state polio vaccinators, who provided oral polio vaccines for children aged 0-5 that had not yet been immunized. The community mobilizer had carried out an extensive awareness campaign beforehand, so we had a large turnout. We were so joyful to deliver more than our usual assistance to the community.

The outreach started with the deworming medications being administered by Drug aid Africa to 80 children and 25 adults. Shortly after, the routine antenatal clinic got underway and 14 expectant mothers were attended to. In addition to their routine drugs, they got birthing kits from Edie and amy. Nursing mothers were not left out, as we distributed some babywear and adult dresses to them as well. We also provided contraceptives for 1 woman at the Family Planning Clinic.

Perhaps nothing delights us more than receiving the good news of safe deliveries from our beneficiaries. Therefore, we were all excited to receive one of our mothers and her new baby at the outreach, a healthy baby boy. Another regular expectant mother of our clinic delivered her baby during the week as well. Even though she had the baby in an alley by herself, thankfully she was able to get help and both mother and baby are doing well. Our team went home visiting the mother, with a doctor from Edie and Amy. Flannels and bedsheets were gifted to the mother.

Indeed, there is a lot of work to be done. The truth is, for our underserved communities to receive adequate reproductive, maternal, and child health care, a collaboration between the government, non-governmental organizations, and community stakeholders is key.

At Alabiamo, we are never tired of shining our light because we have YOU.

We will keep on making our services available, and with your continued support, we will do more.

Thank you.


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