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Updates From Our Maternal and ChildCare Outreach – 2nd November 2017

We attended to 28 pregnant women most of whom are first timers and were referred to our care by women who we have served in the past. We immunised 15 babies amongst whom we had two pairs of twins baby Daniel and Daniella 9months old and baby Victor and Victoria 2 months old. We had a follow-up postnatal check up on our youngest mother (15years) Clementine and her 3weeks old infant. Clementine has been limping since she had baby Friday and we are paying close attention to her recovery and hoping she doesn’t have fistula. We administered malaria treatment to a seven-year-old, four pregnant women and 2 Nursing mothers. We made a referral to one of our Nursing mothers and her 9month old baby who tested positive to HIV. There is also an ongoing follow up visit for 2 of our Nursing mothers and 1 pregnant woman on women empowerment. A part of the team also had to meet with the 3 Baales within the community on the progress of the community and the need to start taking practical steps to reducing maternal and infant mortality in the community.

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