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Updates From Our Bi-Weekly Ante and Post Natal Care Outreach

Been our first routine antenatal postnatal and immunisation event in the month of May. The event For the 3rd of may we had a lot in attendance from nursing mothers to expectant mothers who came for their routine pregnancy check-up, immunisation from 0 to 9 months and hospital referrals. We immunised 20 babies in all and still had to send a few more back home because we ran out of vaccines.

We also started the process on ensuring that these babies are registered and working towards getting their official birth certificate from the primary health care center. We also gave health talk on the importance of family planning especially for those who already have 4 children and the young mothers who need more time to be economically stable. We had to assist one of our young nursing mothers who is also a  mother of twins with infant formula for are 6 months old who are not getting the required nutrition. We attended to 24 pregnant women and 6 of them had their routine tetanus injection as considered appropriate.

Your support and donations is the reason why we are able to cater to these women and babies thank you for always coming through for us


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