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The Sogunro Mothers; Their Struggles And Dilemma

We felt a deeper connection with the Sogunro mothers and babies today. For starters, most of our team members arrived later than we usually do due to some logistics beyond our control but these women (pregnant and nursing mothers) waited till we arrived. We usually use the Methodist Church building within the community for the routine event.

Our midwives requested that these women volunteer to tidy the church first which they willingly did. Then we started with the routine antenatal while still waiting for the Nurse in charge of the vaccine collection and administration. She arrived later than usual because the primary health centre in charge of dispersing these vaccines decided to hold an impromptu training session. She made it to us eventually and we were able to immunise 10 babies 2 of whom are newborns. We administered TT1,2&3 to 10 pregnant women. We were able to attend to 18 pregnant women. 2 stories stood out today, Christianah Vodah gave birth to her second child on the 2/3/2018 A baby girl who also happens to be her first surviving child. She battled infertility before she came into our care. We saw her through the first pregnancy unfortunately, she lost the baby during the birth hours. We saw her through this second pregnancy and we are grateful this baby girl survived.

The second touching story Folake Posu we have seen her through 2 pregnancies now just like Christianah but her story is touching because she had her second baby boy on the 19/2/2018 we could not see her due to the biweekly nature of our event until today. She has developed a severe sour on her left breast. In fact 2 members of our team had to go check up on her today and it was really sad that we found her plaiting someone’s hair as she has no other means of feeding her self and her sons except through hairdressing despite the severe pain she is experiencing she broke down in tears as she was trying to explain her predicament. Our community volunteer will ensure she gets the follow-up health care she needs to ensure she is able to nurse her newborn.

This is why we are fundraising weekly for our routine antenatal postnatal and immunisation because the needs are beyond our ability to meet. We need help to provide an easily accessible maternity centre for these women and also empower them to cater for themselves. Thank you for your continuous support.


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