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Maternal & Child Health Outreach to Sogunro, Oko-Agbon & Jesuko Communities in Lagos 2-3/1

Our last routine events in December 2020 has been nothing short of a miracle! The last couple of days has been one hell of a ride but we are grateful we pulled through with tangible impact to show for it.

We were unable to reach our fundraising goal for the event as planned but nonetheless, we held our routine events in three communities.


We commenced activities in Jesuko community on the 2nd of December 2020. We recorded highest attendance since inception in Jesuko. The women were really patient and understanding and it shows that they are gradually grasping the importance of our interventions.

We attended to 15 pregnant women in all referred them to our Sogunro outreach for their mandatory tetanus shot and routine ANTIMALARIAL treatment recommended by WHO for pregnant women in sub-sahara Africa.

We also distributed diapers and women’s wears all items donated to us by our partners.


We had our routine antenatal care postnatal care immunization and family planning services in Sogunro and Oko-agbon communities respectively on the 3rd of December 2020. We recorded high turn rate in both communities Sogunro especially.

We attended to 26 pregnant women in Sogunro, gave them the basic routine antenatal drugs, ANTIMALARIAL treatment, tetanus shot and women’s wears as souvenirs.

We also referred those in need of further medical monitoring to the necessary quarters. We immunized 26 babies, gave first aid treatment to few babies who had health scare especially from mosquito bites.

We referred them to the health center for further treatment. We also administered the three months injectables contraceptives to a mother. The Sogunro women gifted members of our teams fishes from their stock as a thank you for our selfless service to the community in the year 2020.


Oko-agbon is a community is still very much in need of community mobilization which is why our strategy is usually to have our community mobilizers go door to door with bell announcing our arrival in Egun language. This has become a routine that yields because as soon as this is done round the community, women arrive to the event venue unlike in Sogunro and other communities where women are already consistent in attendance.

We attended to 11 pregnant women, 4 of them had their tetanus shot, 4 had the recommended ANTIMALARIAL treatment. We immunized 4 children in all and distributed women’s wears to those in attendance.

We were able to save lives this year against all odds because of your commitment to our cause thank you for your consistency


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