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October 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches Report

Sogunro and Oko-agbon Communities 07/10/2021

We are usually elated every time we get news of the arrival of a child. Different cultures in Nigeria has a special treatment to care for pregnancy &different way to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Some culture in the Eastern states proclaims the arrival of a child with spraying & rubbing of white powder on their faces and body part.

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Even with such special treatment for expectant mothers and the joy of the arrival of the child, then why should mothers or children die? Maternal &: child death or spontaneous abortion bring sorrow & grief to the mothers or families, which in extreme cases can lead to psychological stress.

Today was another day to reduce the gap between access to health services and maternal & child wellbeing. We convene at our usual location, pregnant women of Sogunro and Oko- agbon awaits our arrival. We set up and started the administration of vaccines for the children & Antenatal clinic simultaneously.

We were able to administer childhood vaccination to 33children, attended to 23 pregnant women at the Ante-natal clinic at Sogunro while we administered the vaccine to a child, and attend to 2 pregnant women at the Antenatal clinic at Oko-agbon. A full-term woman was referred to the nearest primary health center for proper care.

Indeed in our quest to reduce maternal and child death in Nigeria, we still have a lot of communities, mothers, and children to still reach. This can only be achieved by your support and donations.

Makoko, Lagos Community: 08/10/21 Pregnancy comes with complications while childhood is accompanied by vulnerabilities. Maternal and child mortality is ought to be a thing of the past because of improved innovation and technology but yet Nigeria is still ranked among the first three countries with high maternal and child mortality.

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Makoko is a famous slum in Lagos, Nigeria. It is known for its blackish water and high level of the poverty rate. We settled at our usual location for immunization and Antenatal clinic; attended to 6 Children and 3 pregnant women while a term mother was referred to the nearby Primary Health Care.

It will be ridiculous to have spent 2years on earth and have not received any childhood immunization but this is the reality of most dwellers of these communities. Cultural and religious beliefs held by some of the dwellers about the Health and the health system are so outrageous to listen to but with YOU we can crumble these walls and make Health care accessible for all.

Idi-araba & Mosafejo community.16/10/2021 The social construction of health and wellness is majority based on two factors; culture and individual personality. How each culture views health differs from community to community, individualistic preferences also differ as well. Access to convenient qualified Health care services crumbles the mental wall of persons and the health care system.

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For the Alabiamo team, our belief in collaboration and teamwork to help reach these underserved communities is key. We had teams from drug aid Africa, unaids, novella africa join our monthly outreach. The Antenatal clinic and the malaria rapid testing for adults started simultaneously while the @unaids for tuberculosis testing and novella Africa started immediately to ensure that blue-collar workers are linked to potential work workplaces.

Conceivably, nothing delights us than seeing our pregnant mothers who have to conceive even coming for a postnatal checkup, this only means one thing; satisfaction and trust in our services. We attended to 15 pregnant women, tested 66 adults for malaria & gave out 50 Mosquito treated nets, collected 10 samples for tuberculosis, and spoke & render them to all adult blue-collar workers.

It is nothing but joy to see that our impact of a few months is bringing about a behavioral change. To sustain our communities we need your donations to make more impact community by community.

Ajegunle Community, Ikorodu. Alan Cohen said “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect” on this note we are glad to introduce our newly admitted community. We at Alabiamo do not wait till we have millions of naira, neither do we wait till we own a warehouse filled with Antenatal drugs and all necessities but with your continuous donations and determination of our team, we will spread our help, community by community.

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The Alabiamo team assembled at oladojoye compound, Ajegunle, ikorodu. We were so excited to be meeting and helping new women in the community. The mobiliser announced our presence around the community, it was very slow at first but word of mouth spread very fast. Within 30 minutes we had the presence of 10-15 expectant mothers.

We attended to 24 expectant women, birthing kits from @edieandamy were gifted to expectant women and because this is our first outreach in the community we checked blood pressure for 9 aged persons and our health workers advised them accordingly. A new community means greater commitment, more staff, & more resources! We rely solely on your supports and donations to help us reach other underserved communities within Lagos.


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