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Coronavirus: Alabaimo Foundation’s rapid response to support poor families in underserved communitie

With the rapid increase in the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria we are not even sure of how long the lockdown will last. It is also becoming more challenging to reach families and households who are in desperate need of relief materials especially food which is the most basic. 100% of our target beneficiaries as an organization are those living below the poverty line, the ones who can only afford to shop per meal time , the ones who just eat what is available rather than what they really desire. The ones who are only eating not feeding, the ones whose meal times are just to fill their stomach in order to survive not till they are satisfied. The ones who are more likely to die of hunger even before the virus . The ones suffering more from the ripple effect of a failed system, and a falling society. We are emphasising this because we are also concerned for the safety of our community volunteers who carry out the door to door delivery of these raw food with limited PPE.


We have been able to reach Forty One households in Warewa Community Ogun State. This week two families in Lagos benefited from our cash donations to enable them to get the necessary food stuffs for the week. In Ogun state, three families/households also received cash donations to support themselves. There are still more families/households in need of these interventions. The community we served this week consist of a community of hausa, yoruba, Igbo and middle belt. These people live in a block of uncompleted buildings in Warewa, Ogun state. We target them because of the state of their living conditions. We are also coming up with other strategies to reach families in other states most of which will be through cash donations especially for those with bank accounts. We are budgeting 5,000 naira per household. While we still continue to reach those without bank accounts with food items without putting our team members health and safety at risk. We need more support we need more donations, we need more partnership we need more community involvement. Please we will appreciate if you get involved and let’s feed families and house together this season.

Founder of Alabiamo Foundation, Rebecca sharing relief food items in Warewa Community in Ogun State

Volunteers alongside the founder of Alabaimo, Rebecca carrying food relief items to be shared amongst families


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