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It’s with a grateful heart we declare our 2021 work year open starting with our routine antenatal care outreach in Jesuko Community today , 6th Jan 2021

2020 was one hell of a ride on a lot of levels and in-spite of the global pandemic that sent shockwaves across the globe including Nigeria, we did our bit to improve the lives of pregnant women and babies in the safest ways possible all through the year. We also lost two people very dear to us and our work during the last few days of 2020 and we are choosing this year to honor their memories by reaching more vulnerable, marginalized and neglected moms and babies in every community.


We had 12 pregnant women in attendance today, the event was attended to by 4 members of our team each of whom had their different roles to play to ensure the outreach was a success.

We did routine antenatal checkup on these women blood pressure monitor, routine malaria test check using the kits donated to us by rotary district 9110.

We also distributed free treated mosquito nets from USAID malaria program also donated to us by rotary district 9110. We have commenced sharing of free sanitary pads to girls and women also donated by rotary district 9110 office.  We administered routine ANTIMALARIAL medication to those in need of it, referred those due for their tetanus shot to our Sogunro outreach center for tomorrow. We gave free routine antenatal drugs such as folic acid, B-complex, ferrous, calcium and paracetamol to those who needed it. We had few women come in with their scan results just to ensure that babies are developing well. We also referred some for their routine pregnancy scan.

Jan 7 2021

Our monthly routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services event always have us spent beyond words can describe but it’s always our pleasure to save and serve poor moms and babies their location.


We had quite an early start today because we have now been granted access to pick up vaccines from the closest government facility to the communities wher.   we serve and this enabled us save time. We were a bit scared as community opinion leaders could not spread the words of our coming but that didn’t stop these women and babies from gathering. The word of month means of mobilization did the trick and before long we were bombarded by the community dwellers. We had a total of 70 women and at least 36 babies in attendance in Sogunro. These figures also include few pregnant women who were referred by our team in Jesuko community for their mandatory tetanus shot.

We attended to 34 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, medications, fetal heart beat and position monitoring, blood pressure check and other basic necessities. We gave these pregnant women treated mosquito nets from USAID malaria program donated to us by rotary district 9110 Lagos. We also have them the mandatory ANTIMALARIAL medication recommended for pregnant women as well. 26 of these pregnant women had their tetanus shot.

We immunized 36 babies and children with the necessary vaccines from 0-5 years of age. Their mothers were also given treated mosquito of the nursing mothers in attendance had the injectable contraceptives. We have started mobilizing girls so as to distribute the sanitary pads donated to us for them. We had a little package for our community leaders across the communities where we work.


In oko-agbon, our community mobilizer did a lot of door to door mobilization to notify the community dwellers of our arrival.

We had 30 women in attendance but only attended to 18 of them. 9 of these women were pregnant and therefore had their basic routine antenatal care check up, 9 of them were given treated mosquito nets, 2 had their tetanus shot and others also had ANTIMALARIAL medication. We immunized 9 babies and children. We distributed treated mosquito nets to their mothers as well. We were able to mobilize teenage girls in this community so we distributed sanitary pads to the 28 teenage girls in attendance. One of the nursing mothers took the injectable contraceptives.

We appreciate all of your commitment to our cause, thanking for making our routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services in these communities a success.


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