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The Birth Hour

There is something very special about these hours, not just special but delicate, terrifying some women will say horrible others might exclaim unforgettable to most women. It comes with a sting one that stays with you forever. The pain can last a lifetime depending on the outcome of these hours. So some survive just alone with nothing to show for it. It’s like a walk through the fire one that burns from the inside except it burnt her a lot of then whose babies never made it through the birth hour. Some lose their lives in the process but leave a motherless baby who can never get the sincere love and touch of a biological mother. In some cases, both mothers and babies don’t make and the rest is a tale of loved ones left behind. The birth hour is uncertain, unpredictable one never prepares enough for the events that unfold as each moment fade away.

It’s a different tale in the Sogunro community these women are attended to by unskilled people those who themselves are not prepared for the eventualities that each unfolding moment bring so they mismanage and the rest becomes stories that don’t add up. You just have to fill in the gap because we took good care of them in pregnancy at least as far as basic health care goes. It’s painful each time a baby we never met departs without saying goodbye or a mother who promised to make us her first point of call after the birth hour never survived the ordeal. Please help us put an end to this unnecessary death at least that’s why we exist. Antenatal isn’t enough, follow-up visits aren’t sufficient because there is a tunnel a phase called the birth hour. It’s like a weighing scale, the balance the moments between life and death which we need our own maternity centre to curb.


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