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REPORT: Maternal and Childcare Thursday 24th August 2017

We had a lot of new faces at our routine antenatal postnatal and immunisation today. We heard our health talk on the importance of Immunisation and family Planning in Yoruba and Egun  languages.50 percent of the 30 pregnant women today were first timers, alabiamo been their first major contact with medical care in pregnancy. 5 of these pregnant women had their first Tetanus injection dose while 1 had her third dose. We immunised 21 babies& children from 0 to 30 months old. We distributed 40 mosquito nets to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Carried out 16 HIV test making referrals when necessary.

The postnatal check was an integral part of our activities today as we noticed a few of the babies were not thriving as they ought to due to breastfeeding/breast milk challenges. A follow up plan has been put in place to monitor the progress of our moms and babies to ensure they survive, live and thrive.

Thank you so much for your donation, it is going a long way in  meeting the basic healthcare needs of the neglected and disadvantaged.


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