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REPORT: Maternal and Childcare Thursday 14th September 2017

Today’s event is one with a huge difference our lead Doctor (gynaecologist) was in attendance today which is a plus for the pregnant women. He attended to 20 pregnant women 6 of which have bad obstetric history. One particular women has had 2 still births, her third baby died at 9month and she is expecting her 4th child. Another young woman who has lost 2 babies @1 year and 9months respectively. The other 4 have had 4 still birth as a result of complications during child birth. He has  referred  these 6 women to qualified government hospital just to prevent reoccurrence of these mortality. We had an anaemic pregnant woman case which the doctor has placed on treatment hoping she recovers fast. We are paying close attention also to an adolescent mother who is also due to deliver her baby anytime from now.

We gave first and second dose of Tetanus injection to 5pregnant women and conducted a syphilis and hepatitis test on one of our first timer.

We were able to immunise 13 children from newborn to 2years. We also distributed free anti-malaria treatment to babies from 6month to 3years and 4 to 9years.

The presence of our lead Doctor made a huge difference in our practice today.

All of these we were able to do against all odds, with the help of God and your donations.

Thank you for your consistency.


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