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REPORT: Maternal and Childcare Thursday 10th August 2017

Last week Thursday 10th August 2017  was such a fulfilling day for the entire Alabiamo team. We had a tremendous experience serving and rose to the challenge of carrying out follow up test.

We carried out routine antenatal check on 16 pregnant women with a one on one counselling. Four of these pregnant women were given tetanus injection, conducted  12 HIV test on pregnant women and nursing mothers. We carried out 1syphilis test and  1pregnancy test.  12 babies were immunised two of which had their first vaccines at 3 months which should have been given at birth. We also had a one on one HIV counselling session.

We are bridging the Gap, serving the marginalised and saving the neglected. All of these your support made possible so Thank you for now and always.

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