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Our Antenatal Outreach to Sogunro Community on 20/02/2020

A cross section of pregnant women & nursing mothers in attendance

Our last event for the month of February held on the 20th. Our benefactors were already assembled and waiting for our arrival as it is our custom. The community women have also deviced a numbering method amongst themselves that ensures orderliness and enforce punctuality and accountability. A method that helps reduce waiting times considering the number of women we have in attendance.

HEALTH TALK We kick started the outreach with our routine health talk where we teach the pregnant women and nursing mothers about sexual, reproductive health and hygiene.

Rebecca (Founder of Alabaimo Foundation) attending to babies and their mothers

1- ON- 1 FAMILY PLANNING COUNSELING We have left family planning to individual counseling as the public announcement of it affected turn out. This is mainly because taking up contraceptives is against the culture in this community. Hence, making it a one on one counseling helps women take it up privately in order to prevent consequences from their partners and in-laws.

AMCWF nurses & midwife attending to a pregnant woman

Five women were counselled and booked for long acting reversible contraception.


AMCWF Nurse administers vaccine to infant during health outreach

We immunized thirty four babies in total, although it would have been more but some of the other infants require follow up testing and treatment before they can be vaccinated.

AMCWF Midwife & Nurse showing nursing mother how to use “cup feeding” method

Nursing mothers with low birth weight infants, were taught on methods to feed to help ensure they thrive and get the required nutrients for their growth. New mothers too were taught about manually expressing their breast milk for optimum feeding especially for mothers whose newborns are too weak to latch on directly to the breast.

ANTENATAL COUNSELING We attended to nineteen pregnant women with four of these women getting their tetanus shots. We also referred one of the pregnant women to the hospital .

You are partners in ensuring that marginalized neglected poor moms and babies access quality basic care thank you for your commitment to our cause


1   Referral 4   Tetanus injection 34  Immunization 19  Pregnant women 5    Booked long acting reversible contraception


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