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#MaternalCare: Alabiamo Foundation Facts and Figures 22nd February 2018

But lo and behold, we were welcomed with the sad news of Mrs Latifat’s baby who did not make it during birth. It was painful, it still is every member of the team found it disturbing especially the clinical ones because her pregnancy never posed any threat. She was healthy and so was the baby as at the last time the midwives checked her. Alas the birth hour dashed all efforts down the drain because her birth attendant wasn’t skilled one whom most of these women patronise because she seems cheap and affordable compared to others around there. So we all took turns addressing them this time it was beyond routine health talk but the importance of seeking skilled healthcare providers during childbirth something we can’t afford to give these women now because we don’t have a maternity centre of our own.

Thank you for making all of these possible.

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