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#MaternalCare: 13 Baby Immunization and 31 Pregnant Women

We had a lot of hands on deck during our routine antenatal postnatal and Immunisation today. We had 3 team member attend to the pregnant women while 3 others attended to our nursing mothers and their infants/ children. We had 3 newborn babies who received BCG, hepatitis and OPV vaccines (required within 14 days after birth). We immunised 11 babies in all and another was taken to see a doctor at Iwaya Primary Health centre. He was further referred to a specialist hospital because of his health condition and this involved one of our team members having to visit the families of the baby to ensure he receives the healthcare and nurturing he needs to survive, live and thrive. We were able to attend to 31 pregnant women and a lot faster too because of the number of our medical team available. We had a volunteer Nurse join us for the first time and she also spoke to the pregnant women about the importance of hygiene and nutritious meals in pregnancy and after. 8 women were given tetanus injection 1st and 2nd dose and we had about 2 follow up visit.

The highlight of our day is the agreement between our team and our benefactors on the communal effort needed to commence our maternity centre building project. The first step has been that everyone is required to pay 150 Naira each for the blocks needed for the building. We are really glad that they responded positively as a few made their contribution while others promised to pay theirs during the next visit. It is a community effort and we ask that you join our effort by donating in cash for our routine antenatal postnatal and Immunisation, building project and women empowerment as well as volunteer in person. Thank for helping us thus far.



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