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Maternal health Intervention Report – 5/3/2020

This was our first event for the month of March. Our community volunteers already arranged the event venue, gave numbers to women as they came in to the hall in order to cut down on waiting times.

Despite the delay in getting the vaccines from the government facilitator in charge, the arrangements the women made helped in our healthcare services delivery.


Health Talk Session

We had our general routine health talk and we focused on safety measures to prevent the spread of corona virus and also taught them symptoms to look out for, avoiding contact , washing of hands as many times as possible, not touching the face until hands are properly cleaned amongst other safety measures. We also demonstrated this by ensuring all our community health workers and volunteers washed and took precaution to avoid medical work hazard.


New born baby born during antenatal Outreach being vaccinated two hours after birth

We immunized forty three babies, with one baby boy delivered during our routine antenatal event by a traditional birth attendant within the community. He was brought in for check up and vaccination two hours after his birth. He was also immunized with BCG to prevent tuberculosis, hepatitis and oral polio 0.


Our Midwife/Nurse Volunteer attending to women during antenatal

We attended to twenty eight pregnant women. Most who returned had used our antenatal services during their previous pregnancies and spaced their children well enough 2 years minimum.

Family planning

We had a pregnant woman who was at twenty weeks gestational age complaining of draining mucus, so she was immediately referred to the government hospital for urgent care. Three of the pregnant women had their tetanus shots and two others were prepared and educated on 3 years contraceptive method starting today and have been scheduled for six weeks post check up.

In total we recorded Seventy Eight women in attendance.

All of these was only possible because of your continuous donations and support. Thanks to all of our donors and advocates who made this outreach possible.


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