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Maternal & Child Health Outreach to Sogunro & Oko -Agbon Communities in Lagos 03/09/2020

We set out to raise Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira for our free routine health outreach event in three different communities namely Sogunro, Oko-agbon and Ago Egun but we were only able to raise Sixteen One Thousand Naira before the event but we forged ahead not withstanding. Improvising when possible and making do with the resources available to ensure that we delivered on our promise to the marginalized mothers and babies in the communities.

Skilled Health Workers at Sogunro Pedro Community during Health Outreach

Hence, we were only able to work in two communities; Sogunro and Oko-Agbon during our outreach this month.

  1. We had five skilled healthcare workers carry out all of our clinical work during the event.


A Skilled health worker checking a pregnant woman’s Blood Pressure during Health Outreach at Oko-Agbon Community in Lagos State ,Nigeria

A Skilled health worker giving a baby vaccination during Health Outreach at Oko-Agbon Community in Lagos State ,NigeriaWe had 12 mothers and 7 babies in attendance and immunized 5 mothers and babies with the required vaccines including the tetanus shots recommended for pregnant women.We attended to 5 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, drugs and ANTIMALARIAL medications


We attended to 15 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, routine antenatal drugs and mandatory ANTIMALARIAL medications. 7 of these pregnant women had their tetanus shots.

Health Education Seminar taught in Egun /Yoruba language during Health Outreach at Sogunro Pedro Community

A Skilled health worker giving a baby vaccination during Health Outreach at Sogunro Pedro Community in Lagos State ,Nigeria

We immunized 25 babies in all including a low birth weight preterm baby and another newborn whose mother delivered by herself without the help of any skilled health worker/traditional birth attendant.

Both of these babies were examined by our volunteer skilled midwife to make sure they are okay and determine if they required referral to a government facility.The mother with the low birth weight preterm baby was referred to a primary healthcare center to have him checked thoroughly.

A Skilled midwife volunteer examining the low birth weight/ preterm baby

She was also taught about kangaroo care as well as ways to express her breast milk and spoon feed the infant who is too weak to latch on. We also noticed the baby had mild jaundice and will require further treatment at the primary healthcare center.

We distributed 2 packs of diapers to two new moms from the items donated by Rtn Oluwaseun Hassan and his team from Rotary E-Club last year during their visit to Sogunro.


Two of our benefactors received financial aid towards their businesses . SMEs is an intervention that we usually do when we have the resources for it. We do it in the form of micro-loan and they usually refund after 6 weeks. The first woman is going to invest into her egg business while the second in food items whom we took shopping for a pack of noodles, bucket of custard and pack of spaghetti so she can start a food business within the community.


We have recently began another intervention towards assisting the Girl-child education within the community where we work. The idea behind this is to help teenage girls within the community to go to school especially attaining the SSCE/O’levels towards getting tertiary education preferrably within the health sector.

We kicked off with the first two recipients in the month of August with the first registering for the next WAEC-GCE and the second is being prepped to enrol for the same exam in 2021.


We also carried out a food bank outreach for the church committees who allow us use their premises for all of our activities within these communities as a means of appreciation and assisting the poor families amongst them.

You donations made all of these possible

Thank you for your continuous support


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