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Maternal & Child Health Outreach at Sogunro Community in Nigeria Report for 23/01/2020

Our Midwife volunteer leading the “Health Talk” segment during our maternal & child health talk outreach

Part of our 2020/2021 goal as an organization is to reach more mothers and babies at their times of need, go beyond just providing access to basic routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services.We plan to provide other wellbeing interventions and activities geared towards a whole child and a whole mother. We are glad these interventions  and activities outlined for the year are already taking shape.

Family Planning

A cross section of pregnant women and nursing mothers with their babies during the AMCWF health outreach

We are receiving more positive responses from our nursing mothers on our family planning services which means our advocacy strategies are paying off. We had three mothers take up family planning today, with four more scheduled for our next visits.

AMCWF nurse giving one of the babies vaccination

We immunized thirty eight babies today and  we are also seeing drastic improvement on infants placed on our meal plan with three more babies assisted with nutritional formulas to make up for the deficiency hindering their proper development. Our volunteer midwife and nurse taught mothers with low birth weight infants kangaroo care.

Our Nurse & Midwive volunteer teaching Nursing mothers “Kangaroo Care”

We attended to 24 pregnant women. Some of our mothers today were those who used our services during their previous pregnancy and postnatal phases and used the WHO recommended child spacing methods. Most of the children are 30 months and above. Six of these pregnant women had their tetanus shots and were given the recommended antimalarial medication for pregnancy. We had three referrals, a pregnant woman suspected of possible tuberculosis infection, a malnourished toddler and a neonate with high respiratory infection symptoms.

We thank everyone that made donations of cash, medical supplies, nutrition formulas, diapers, feeding bottles et cetera thank you.


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