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Maternal and Childcare Thursday 5th October 2017

Today came upon us with different kinds of complications. We met with one of our teenage mom who delivered her baby 1st of October by her self on one of the walk-path within the community. A passerby had to assist in getting someone to cut the umbilical cord. The 5-day old is down with acute jaundice and we could not even immunize him but referred him to a primary health center. We, however, checked the routine postnatal check on the mother placed the adolescent mom on postnatal treatment. Another 4 weeks old was brought in with high temperature, fever and cough we could not immunize him as well but referred him to the primary health.

We were informed of one of the pregnant women we have attended to in recent past who died with her baby 10 days after birth due to postpartum complications that were not attended to by a skilled health worker. We attended to 20 pregnant women one of whom her fetal heartbeat was really faint we referred her to the PHC hoping the baby survives. 7 of these pregnant women were given first and second dose of tetanus injection. Two were placed on malaria treatment.

We immunized 24 babies and could not attend to 3 more because we ran out of vaccines and syringes. We observed serious cases of maternal and child malnutrition which really breaks our heart. At the root of all is poverty and the level of lack of basic human needs prevalent in the Sogunro community. The silver lining though is that we had a set of twins come for their first Immunisation baby Victor (1.6kg) and baby Victoria (2.2kg). We have done our bit today even though it looks like nothing in the wider speck of things.


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