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June 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches

We started our monthly routine event today the 3rd of June in Sogunro and oko-agbon communities respectively.

A lot of times when we hold these events, we actually don’t know what to expect. Today is a very overwhelming day at work. We were met by one of our benefactors who lost her husband to diarrhea. We administered first aid when we learnt about his condition and told her to ensure he visits the closest health care facility unfortunately, it was too late.

We had to purchase malaria treatment for a toddler whose is really ill antibiotics medication for another nursing mother and newborn paracetamol for a newborn in need of first aid treatment.

We then resumed our normal basic routine antenatal, postnatal care immunization and family planning services.


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We had a lot of attendees today, we immunized 40 babies and was unable to immunize 5 more because we ran out of vaccines. We attended to 24 pregnant women, gave them free basic routine antenatal check up, tetanus shot and ANTIMALARIAL medication as recommended

22 of them had their tetanus shots.

We took a new mom through breastfeeding class and also Linked her with additional support system with other older mothers within the community.


We attended to 9 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, drugs and 5 of them had their tetanus shots.

We immunized 8 babies in all and administered other first aid treatment to babies in need.

Family planning

We had 5 women who were interested in injectible contraceptives but only 2 of these women could be placed on it as others were not clinically ready.

We did all these today despite the financial constraints. We are grateful to serve and save the neglected against all odds

Friday June 4th,2021

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The mess and dirt we encounter on our way to the slum communities where we work can make the journey tiring at times especially during raining season.

Today’s encounter was not an exception especially because we actually set out in the rain.

Vaccine pick up and drop off is another tedious task considering the fact that we have to manage resources so luxury is far from our routine event.

Our work is not for the faint hearted not just anyone can cope with our working conditions especially as far as community health is concerned but our team already know and chose this so we are giving it all it takes.

We had another routine event in Makoko community today. The rain also impacted turn out rate we did our bit nonetheless.

We attended to 6 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, 4 of these women had their tetanus shots. We immunized 12 babies and gave vitamin A vaccine to new moms.

One woman came for injectible contraceptives but was referred to primary healthcare center.

We appreciate your continuous support and donations so far for this month

Wednesday, 9th June 2021

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We had another routine antenatal care outreach in Jesuko community today. We were only able to attend to 4 pregnant women today because most of them have delivered safely and have brought their babies for vaccination at our Sogunro event venue.

We gave these women basoc routine antenatal care and antenatal routine drugs. We also referred them to our Sogunro event venue for the mandatory tetanus shots.

We appreciate your continuous support and donations towards our routine outreaches

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We had another routine antenatal care outreach in idi-araba and mosafejo communities today.

A lot of the women and girls we have been attending to since we commenced our activities I these communities have been delivered of their babies. We had more new attendees today and we are still working on a collaborative vaccination and contraceptives drive with the Kosofe local government. This is in a bid to include postpartum care, vaccination and contraceptives services into our routine outreaches in these communities.

We had 18 women and girls in attendance today and we attended to all attendees with free basic routine antenatal care, checking for gestational ages, fetal heart beat and position. We also gave routine antenatal drugs and ANTIMALARIAL medication to those who are eligible for it.

We are committed to end preventable maternal and child mortality in this country one community at a time. Thank you for your continuous support


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