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July 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreaches Report

We will like to start off by expressing our gratitude to all our donors who have continually supported us year after year.

Jesuko Community 30 June 2021

We kickstarted our monthly health outreaches at Jesuko Community on Wednesday,30 June 2021. We attended to 4 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal check-ups, maternal weight, and blood pressure basic routine antenatal drugs were given and we referred a few in need of tetanus shots to our Sogunro event venue for tomorrow.

We could not take pictures due to some logistics issues and photo resistance from our benefactors. We continued on Thursday, 1 July 2021 in Sogunro which usually is the most attended of all our outreaches so much so that we run out of vaccines and other materials.

Our vaccination pick-up was delayed at the primary health center so we arrived at the event venue quite late. We met women and babies already waiting to be attended to.

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Sogunro Community We attended to 24 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care and checkup, have tetanus shots for those due for it. We immunized 43 babies, referred others to our routine event in Makoko for tomorrow morning because we ran out of vaccines. 3 women in need of short-term injectable contraceptives were also referred to our event venue for tomorrow.

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Oko Agbon Community Our routine event in the oko-agbon community is still very much in need of adequate mobilization and that usually takes time. It is our routine here to have community mobilizers go door to door most times while using a bell to announce our arrival before benefactors turn up for the event.

We were able to attend to 9 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, mandatory ANTIMALARIAL medication, and tetanus shots for those who are due We immunized 4 babies and also referred 2 women to our Makoko event venue for injectable contraceptives.

Makoko community

Our 4th routine event is held in the Makoko community on Friday, 2 July 2021. We have not gained considerable footing in this community and so, we are still learning the terrain while also figuring out the uniqueness of the diversity within this setting.


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We carried out community mobilization differently this time our community mobilizers went door to door using megaphones to announce our interventions. We carried out 2 pregnancy tests, attended to 13 pregnant women, with basic routine antenatal care, tetanus shots, ANTIMALARIAL medication, and individual consultant based on their complaints.


We immunized 15 babies including a set of twins that our vaccination nurse and community mobilizers took the vaccines to their home. We had one nursing mother take the injectable contraceptives. We often give basic first aid treatments to children and mothers, refer when necessary, and prescribe drugs depending on their needs during our outreaches.

Idi-Araba & Mosafejo Communities

Our last routine event for the month of July 2021 was held Saturday and we catered to pregnant women at idi-araba and mosafejo communities. The majority of the women we attended to during previous events had safe deliveries. Kosofe local government is still very new territory for us and we are still learning the uniqueness of working here. We are still negotiating with the Kosofe local government staff in adding vaccination to our routine events in these communities.

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Nonetheless, we attended to 6 pregnant women with free basic routine antenatal check-ups, maternal blood pressure, fetal heartbeat, gestational ages, and fetal position. We give free routine antenatal drugs, mandatory Antimalarial medication, and health education.

The Drug Aid Africa team also donated free drugs and medications to our benefactors. They have helped our organization save costs and save lives by providing these free drugs to which we are grateful. Kindly read about their first visit here

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We are grateful for the lives touched so far and also say a big thank you to donors, partners for keeping us in service. We have done our bit with the little resources at our disposal and also gearing up for our August outreach

Thank you for keeping us in service.


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