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Easter 2021 Maternal & Child Health Outreach in Jesuko, Sogunro, Oko-Agbon & Makoko Commun

We commenced new round of routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services in Jesuko community today. 


We had 12 pregnant women in attendance but was only able to attend to 11 of the women. We had one pregnant woman with suspected case of high blood pressure and we referred her for follow up. We gave each of these pregnant women free routine antenatal drugs, recommended ANTIMALARIAL medication and referred them for tetanus shot in our Sogunro routine outreach venue.

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We were also delighted to see one of our benefactors and her baby who suffered from malnutrition due her inability to breastfeed. This teenage mom could only feed her baby cooked flour before our intervention  We put her on our infant formula interventions donated by rotary club with Mr Seun.

Gladly she is now a toddler and thriving.We are only able to save these poor marginalized moms and babies because of your commitment to our cause.


We continued our April routine outreaches today the 1st April 2021. We ran two events in Sogunro and oko-agbon communities concurrently.

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We did not meet our fundraising goal for this batch of events but we delivered on our promise to these communities. Not meeting our fundraising goal put a lot of strain on our community health workers and teams at large but then again keeping our words is at the core of who we are as an organization.

Sogunro 1, 2 and 3 has always been our most established place since inception.Women are usually waiting for our services way before our community health workers get to the communities. Having our community volunteer set up also makes our work so easy.

We attended to 17 pregnant women the lowest turn out rate we have had in Sogunro in a while. We gave each of these women the basic routine antenatal care and check up, routine antenatal drugs, ANTIMALARIAL medication and check for fetal heart beat and positions.

15 pregnant women had their mandatory tetanus shot, 3 more pregnant women came from our routine antenatal care outreach in Jesuko for their tetanus shot as referred by our team in Jesuko community yesterday.

We immunized 37 babies in all in fact we exhausted the 20 doses BCG vaccination for tuberculosis.


We had a bit of a scare in this community. This is usually expected of this community because our presence is not as established as it is in Sogunro especially. We beat the odds nonetheless, we had 11 pregnant women in attendance in this community. We gave them the basic routine antenatal care, check up, routine drugs and ANTIMALARIAL medication. We also referred those due for routine scan. 7 of these pregnant women had their tetanus shots. We immunized 5 babies. 2 women were placed on short term injectible contraceptives.

We are glad we are able to do what we do consistently and persistently. Your donations helps us do what we do so thank you


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Our second to the last routine event scheduled for this month of April held today the 2nd. It is our second event in Makoko and the turn out today is more encouraging than our first visit.

We decided to venture into vaccination too and that was really a great move for us and our benefactors most of whose babies have not been vaccinated since birth.

We had 23 pregnant women in attendance and gave each one of them basic routine antenatal care, routine drugs, mandatory ANTIMALARIAL medication, checked them for fetal heart beat and positions. 19 of these women had their tetanus shots. One of the pregnant women was actually in active labor in fact the baby’s head had already engaged and we quickly referred her to a facility for delivery.

We immunized 24 babies in all 90% of whom were taking their first vaccination at 9mobnth/one year old.We also distributed diapers as a means of encouraging more turn outs. The diapers were from the ones donated to us by Seun and Rotary club since 2019.

We are gradually gaining ground in this community and we have you to think for your continuous support and donations.


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