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AMCWF Outreach to Sogunro Community, Yaba,Lagos -12/12/19

Sogunro pregnant & nursing mothers in attendance


We had the highest number of BCG (17) vaccination today. The is the vaccine that helps immune babies from tuberculosis and it is usually given at birth but can be given till 11 months old.


An AMCWF Nurse giving infant vaccination

We recorded forty nursing mothers in attendance, we immunized thirty four babies. The others were asked to come back next two weeks as their babies were not due for vaccination.

We attended to twenty seven pregnant women today, nine of them had their tetanus shots. We added two more infants to our supplementary feeding plan with the SMA pro donated by Mr Seun Hassan (Rotary Club 9125 district). We also continued with the others who were previously on the meal plan by giving a tin of 800g to three mothers to share.We were able to do all these because of your continuous support so thank you for your continuous donations.

Our routine health talk focused on vaccination and it’s benefits in preventing infant/child death.


AMCWF Nurse checking the blood pressure of a pregnant Woman during the Outreach

One of the nursing mothers & infant in attendance today was Tina. She came all the way from a slum community in Lagos called Sagbokodji. According to her, getting her baby vaccinated is quite difficult where she lives. So she has been coming since she had her baby, Darasimi who had her six month old vitamin A vaccination dose today. She said the government primary health center closest to them is not really functioning and the private hospital where she had her baby do not store vaccines hence her coming for our vaccination drive. Sagbokodji is a slum community under Apapa local government. An area we hope to take our outreach to, once resources are available.


34 babies immunized

9 mothers received tetanus shots

27 pregnant women recieved antenatal care


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