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We kick started our routine events for the month of March 2021 in Jesuko community. The first event took place on the 3 of March as it is our custom in this community to attach our medical outreach activities to the weekly church prayer meeting for pregnant women. This has been our only way of breaking into this community and serve marginalized moms. This community is particularly unique because they are not so open to skilled medical interventions. We have however not allowed the resistance to deter our determination to go into this hard to reach community. Even though there were 20 pregnant women who attended the prayer meeting, we were only able to attend to 12 of these women. The others left because they were not yet open to our interventions. Patience has been our watch word particularly in Jesuko and we are gradually reaping the benefits. We gave these women basic routine antenatal care check up , basic routine antenatal drugs, mandatory ANTIMALARIAL treatment and referred those due for another shot of tetanus shot to our Sogunro event venue for the 4th of March 2021.

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We reached our fundraising goal for these outreaches and this makes a whole lot of difference especially because we usually don’t meet our fundraising target. We are grateful to all donors, advocates, partners and collaborators for.their continuous support. THURSDAY 4th MARCH 2021 Thursdays have always been our busiest day of the week especially when our routine events are concerned. As it is our culture, we ran our events concurrently in Sogunro and oko-agbon communities respectively. Sogunro Community We met our benefactors already waiting for our community health workers this morning. Our community health mobilizers and volunteers already set up before our arrival, gave out numbers towards crowd control as well as to ensure that proper safety measures are observed as much as can be expected of these community settings.

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We attended to 29 pregnant women, gave them basic routine antenatal drugs, ANTIMALARIAL medication for those who are 20 weeks gestational age and above. Gave the mandatory tetanus shot to those who were due including the ones referred from our Jesuko community outreach. We immunized 34 babies in fact we ran out of vaccines just at the nick of time. We had 3 nursing mothers take the injectible contraceptives. We also gave first aid treatment to few other community dwellers by the virtue of the women who attend our outreach. Oko-Agbon Community This community is still warming up compared to Sogunro but slow and steady we believe wins the race. We attended to 8 pregnant women, gave them the basic routine antenatal care drugs, checked for gestational ages, fetal heart beat and fetal position through palpation. 3 of these women had their tetanus shot and we administered ANTIMALARIAL medication to those 20 weeks gestational ages and above as recommended by WHO for this region.

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We immunized 8 babies in all. We are considering mobilization for teenage girls towards contraceptives in a bid to cut down on teenage pregnancies that is very prevalent in these settings. One nursing mother took the injectible contraceptive. One other nursing couldn’t get the injectible contraceptive because her pregnancy test came out positive. A mandatory prerequisite before one can be placed on any form of contraceptives. We are working towards at least 2 more outreaches in the month of March particularly to new communities in need of our interventions. Thank you again for being our partners, collaborators and advocates. Together we are changing the statistics around maternal and child health in Urban poor communities


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