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She took the driver’s seat

She took the driver’s seat not because she wanted to be, but because she just had to. She desired something else, she planned something even more long-lasting but life just happened one fateful morning on their ride to their daily routine except it no longer was.The man who exchanged vows with her left one fateful morning, not out of will but death did them part.  It happened so fast, it unfolded too soon.  Now a widow under 40 with three little children now bares all the responsibility, a role she shared with her late husband.     She cried and wished it never happened but it did and life must go on.

She has to take the driver’s seat on all fronts not out of choice but out of demand because the man who took her in no longer considers her worthy of his time, attention, support, assistance and protection. He is not doing it willfully some might argue but does it matter? Is he even putting effort?  as he leaves her alone to nurse, nurture, provide and protect their young including himself. So she takes the driver’s seat else she and their children will go hungry and lack the basic things needed for their survival. She assumes all of these responsibilities whilst still married to a living corpse.

She took the driver’s seat because he promised to love, hold & cherish her. She gave up what’s  in-between her thighs without thinking twice. She just wanted to be loved, a need every woman has except we handle and manage it differently. Before long she conceived and then the music changes. The father of her unborn child no longer sees her the same way. He deposited a seed but never expected the seed to germinate. So he blames her for conceiving and before long she becomes a single mom and like her predecessors, she takes the driver’s seat with no commitment or support from the man who sowed the seed.

These women are not meant to bear this all alone, but they are doing it anyway. In fact, the majority of our women endure these with no hope except the consolation of their children becoming great sometimes far away in the future.

Women are meant to be cared for, catered and provided for, their men ought to protect them physically, emotionally and spiritually but the majority are not at their duty post so these women step in just for survival.

Alabiamo saw all these in the women and children she serves daily and this birthed the women empowerment platform of the organization. A scheme that loans money to these women as low as five thousand naira (N5,000) for petty trade so they can feed and care for their children.


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