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Mother’s Day Outreach Events to Makoko and Idi-Araba Communities

We launched our interventions in Makoko community on the 12th of March 2021. We have been working towards this prior to the pandemic. The global pandemic put a hault to our goal for expansion but we are glad we are achieving our goals after learning to adapt to the new normal.

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We have recorded women attending our outreaches in Sogunro from Makoko and in order to reduce their travel time on water we decided setting up an outreach venue in Makoko is our best course of action to reach more. So as it is our custom, we put one foot ahead of the other and reached out.We attended to 17 pregnant women, 13 of these women had their tetanus shot. This is only the beginning of our adventure in this massive community with 3 different entry points.We are hoping to continue our outreach to this unique community in the month of April and beyond. FAMILY PLANNING  We ran our routine family planning and contraceptives services concurrently with our work in Makoko on the 12th of March.

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Women and girls accessing contraceptives and making a choice for this intervention is still a very hush hush practice in Nigeria. It is particularly more challenging in the settings where we work and amongst the community dwellers. We have learnt to find our way around hence the decision to arrange for it to be a separate date outside our routine antenatal postnatal care and immunization services in these communities. So we had our volunteer midwife/nurse Jumoke with reprolife carry out this sensitive intervention for women and girls in this communities to have a sense of control over their body, sexuality and motherhood without being judged criticized and condemned. We also made this available to teenage girls who were at risk of teenage pregnancies.This covered Sogunro and oko-agbon communities.4 women and girls accessed this service free of charge ranging from injectible to implants. IDIRABA COMMUNITY  It’s days like this that it becomes even clearer to the members of our community health workers the reason why Alabiamo exist in the first place.

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As mentioned in earlier report, we have had the goal for expansion, funds hindered one way and covid 19 pandemic also made it even more difficult. We are glad we are beating the odds somehow. Our goal as always been to take free healthcare to the doorsteps of the marginalized pregnant moms and their babies. We constantly work to eliminate the challenge of access and cost. The Idi Araba community located in oworonshoki is a setting that is quite far from the ends of the earth. Accessing the primary health center and general hospital in that region also comes at a major transportation cost that’s aside the challenge of distance. It is even particularly difficult for our team to access this community because there are no direct means of transportation so we ended up taking long walks to reach these women. We were a team of 4, took our interventions in today 13th of March 2021. We have been discussing with the Olori of this community and she along side the other community leaders mobilized for us to hold our first free routine event.

We were able to attend to 13 pregnant women with basic routine antenatal care, maternal and fetal check for gestational ages and position. We also carried out free routine blood pressure for few elders in the community as a means to get them involved in helping us gain more ground in this community. One of the men had a very alarming blood pressure and we helped him purchase the drugs needed that he couldn’t afford. We are going back again in April and we are asking that you continue to join in our quest by donating towards our next batch of outreaches


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