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Maternal Health Outreach Event at Idi-Araba Community -17/04/2021

The experience from our routine antenatal event today brings to mind the really on ground in Nigeria as far as maternal and child health and well-being is concerned. Almost half of the attendees we had today were teenage pregnant girls with 99% of them being 19 years of age. Girls who are not well catered to, who have not attended any skilled healthcare facilities since confirmed pregnant. We are their first contact with skilled healthcare providers and it shows in all we did today.

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It’s really sad that pregnancy outcomes for these ones might come with some complications if care is not taken. We did our bit as it is our custom. We checked for maternal blood pressure and noticed that two of these ladies had high blood pressure which is particularly a cause for concern as they do not really have access to skilled healthcare. We have however referred them to government facility for further monitoring.

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We attended to 15 pregnant women and girls, 10 of whom had the mandatory ANTIMALARIAL medication. We gave them all routine antenatal drugs, distributed diapers donated to us by Rtn Seun and added cord clamps to the pack. The rain almost affected turn out but we were eventually able to pull through. It is only our second event in these two communities but it’s obvious that we have a lot of work to do. We have also encouraged to teenage girls talk to their friends who are either pregnant and are afraid to attend our events because of fear of segregation or those who are sexually active and are in need of contraceptives that we are here for them. We were told there are a lot of girls in these categories and we hope to reach every single one of them with basic nterventions tailored to their specific needs. We are therefore calling on you our donor to help us reach these girls anyway you can


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