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Maternal health Intervention Report : AMCWF New year Outreach in Nigeria – 9/1/2020

AMCWF health workers and some women and babies in attendance starting with a prayer

Our first free routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services event for the year was on the 9th of January 2020 held in Sogunro Community. Attendance is still low as it is the beginning of the year and majority of our beneficiaries have not returned from their Christmas travels.

One of the babies being vaccinated by an AMCWF health worker

The pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies were already gathered as it is the custom. Our team of three community health workers comprising of a midwife, vaccination nurse, health recorder and a volunteer community mobilizer attended to the women and babies in attendance.

Beneficiary Turn Advocate

AMCWF community health worker attending to pregnant women

The community mobilizer was also a beneficiary of our intervention and went through our antenatal/postnatal care, immunization and family planning service. She assist in interpretation from yoruba to egun language for patients who do not speak or understand yoruba. She also assist with drug dispensary after being properly trained. We attended to 19 pregnant women six of whom had their tetanus shot. We immunized eleven babies in all.

We had one family planning enquiry/prep which will eventually be administered during our next visit to Sogunro.

Thank you for partnering with us in changing the narrative around maternal and child health and well-being in hard to reach communities.


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