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Her Entrepreneurship Journey (Folake Posu)

She came into her care since the inception of Alabiamo one of the very first 22 women we attended to, during our first routine antenatal event in Sogunro on the first of June 2016. She was pregnant with Isiak born on the 19 of August 2016. She was well taken care of she even assisted in interpreting to her fellow pregnant women who could communicate in Egun language a few times. She looked well fed all through her pregnancy because she was working as a hairdresser however she could not do as much after her baby boy was born but she kept on trying. Fast forward to now, she could not use a serious family planning method as she complained of bleeding which led to conceiving another baby before Isiak turned 1 which further worsened her living condition.

We still took care of her when she was confirmed pregnant but ours was just medical care and that wasn’t enough to sustain her and her child. Men in Sogunro Community are not your classic example of providers most of their women are left to fend for themselves. She was one of the first women who motivated us to launch the women empowerment wing to assist their effort. So we loaned her N5000 which she was supposed to refund after 6 weeks. She came in with a guarantor someone who could pay back if she doesn’t keep her own end of the bargain.

He is also suppose to monitor what she does with the money, ensure she sells and makes profit enough to refund the money as at when due. Lo and behold she kept her words, she refunded the money and made 5,000 naira profit selling Brazilian wool and attachment for making her. From the profit she was able to afford her daily meal and feed her Child something she could not do before. She was able to do her pregnancy scan and making a little deposit for the hospital delivery of her unborn baby because she is now very close to term. She is our first attempt at this we are hoping we can help alot more. So if you will like to join us on this journey of empowering women your donation of 5,000 Naira can help a pregnant woman in Sogunro go into petty trading.


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