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Coronavirus: Alabiamo Maternal & Child Wellbeing Health Outreach to Sogunro Community in Lagos,

In the recent confirmation of covid 19 outbreak, and the numbers recorded so far in Lagos our routine antenatal event today, 19 March 2020 was a very brief .Our event was held in an open space in other to achieve social isolation and our community health workers took extra precautions as advised by WHO to avoid the spread of CodAvid 19.

Sogunro women assemble in an open space around the church

Normally we resume our activities at 10am and close at 3PM , however, we started work at 10am and closed at 12:30pm. We avoided assembling the women and babies for too long and our routine antenatal checkup only covered dispensing of routine antenatal drugs and tetanus injection.

Baby receiving vaccination during the health outreach

More so, we also met with the community leaders to educate them about the global outbreak of the CodVid19, explaining the adverse implication on communities, and what their  responsibilities as leaders included.

We educated the women on the symptoms to look out for, we taught them what social isolation means, the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and informed them of the Lagos State government rules on avoiding social gatherings this season both for religious and personal activities.

A pregnant woman getting her tetanus shot

In all we attended to twenty five pregnant women, six out of them had their tetanus shots. We also referred one pregnant woman with a suspected case of tuberculosis to the primary health care center. More so, three of the nursing mothers were prepared for long term family planning method.

We will like to sincerely appreciate your support in helping us put out an to end to preventable maternal and infant mortality in our nation Nigeria.


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