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AMCWF Outreach to Sogunro Community, Yaba,Lagos -28/11/2019

Our  team usually assemble at the entrance of the community, then go in a group but that changed today because the nurse in charge of the vaccination and it’s logistics was delayed at the government facility where they usually pick up. Due to sudden measles outbreak,  she had to attend a training to start a reboot of measles vaccine for 15months old.


A member of the our team who arrived at the community before others met community health workers from the local government primary health care center. Who insisted on carrying out their medical outreach at the same spot where we do ours. The community dwellers frowned at using their services because they were unfamiliar faces. So our team engaged the government officials stating the reason for women’s refusal was due to the fact that our services are consistent, context tailored and provided in their local languages. The government officials had no option but to leave at that point.


Nurse Lucy, Alabiamo health worker attending to a pregnant women during their outreach 28/11/19

Eventually, the our team attended to a total of twenty eight pregnant women, nine of them had their tetanus shot.

Sogunro women in attendance during outreach 28/11/19

They immunized twenty eight babies and placed three nursing mothers on family planning. They also started two babies on infant formulas because they observed their mothers were not producing enough breastmilk. They continued three more on assisted formula feeding.

A baby being immunized by an Alabiamo health worker during the medical outreach 28/11/19


Our team were able to provide the nursing mothers with Cow and Gate and SMA infant formulas donated by Rotarian Seun Hassan and his rotary team members during our last outreach . And so far seven babies have benefited from the infant formulas donated by Rotary and mothers who were not around during their visit  recieved diapers, feeding bottles, and mosquito nets today.

Our team say thank you for your continuous support  towards our mission to end maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.


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