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AMCWF Outreach to Sogunro Community, Yaba,Lagos -14/11/2019

Rebecca Afolayan (Middle) , Founder of Alabiamo Foundation alongside Rotarian Oluwaseun Hassan with his team from Rotary E-Club Nigeria

Our routine antenatal & postnatal care, immunization and family planning services in Sogunro on the 14th of November, 2019 was an exception in all ramifications.


First we had a partnership with a rotarian and philanthropist, Mr Oluwaseun Taofeek who also happens to be the current rotary president 2019/2020 of e-club district 9125.

Rotarian Oluwaseun Taofeek Hassan with some of the sogunro women during the outreach

He has been a committed and consistent supporter of our work for a while now via donations and encouragement. He also presented us the rotary hero award on the 2nd of November in ibadan during his inauguration.

Rotary Hero Award given to Alabiamo Foundation

Donations included packs of diapers, infant formulas, baby wipes, earbud, breast pads routine drugs and mosquito nets.

This is the highest volume of materials we have received as an organization in terms of quantity and quality till date and we are grateful for his large heart, his interest in our cause and his heart to partner with us to ensure no woman dies giving life.

We had a lot of mobilization towards this event through the assistance of the pastors community baales (chiefs) in community. We also recorded the highest number of attendees since inception till date.


Our entrance into the community posed a number of challenge considering the fact that we had to convince and negotiate with the touts at the entrance of the community as it is the culture in Lagos. A negotiation that involved settling them financially but that didn’t deter us from delivering on our promises to the women.


We had almost 150 women and babies in attendance yesterday. We attended to 56 pregnant women and presented each one of them with a birth pack consisting of breastpads, mosquito nets, newborn diapers, feeding bottles, ear buds, and vaseline. We immunized 63 babies and toddlers, with each mother and child going home with a pack of diapers, wipes, mosquito nets, ear buds, Vaseline, and infant formulas were distributed on a need base system. Our team had the busiest time we have recorded since the inception of Alabiamo. We also had a health educator volunteer join the team and he anchored a segment of our health talk before commencing we commenced our clinical practice

A cross section of all the pregant women and nursing mothers with their babies during the outreach

We left the community at some minutes to 6pm. It was indeed a stressful day but we were happy we are able to not just meet the basic healthcare needs of these poor moms and babies but also able to meet some of their material needs as a result of our collaboration with the rotary eclub as led by the example of their current president.

Your donations allowed us pay the salary of our community health workers as well and we are indeed grateful for each and every one of our donors and partners. God bless you


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