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We had more than twenty pregnant women in attendance and  we immunized forty one newborns, infants and toddlers.

Cross section of pregnant women & nursing mothers in attendance

We also commenced our routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services with additional postpartum depression session in collaboration with PSN Africa.

Nursing mother with baby being vaccinated

The goal of our collaboration is to improve  our efforts to cater to the overall wellbeing of women and babies in these communities and also providing the needed wholesome care for their physical body and mental health.

PSN Africa with Sogunro mothers

Three mothers took up family planning  and we have began prepping more mothers for the long term contraceptive especially those who requested for it after adequate health education on the importance of planned parenthood.

AMCWF nurse & midwife volunteer attending to pregnant woman

One of our mothers had a safe delivery at the primary health center based on our recommendation . This validates our goal for mixed sector integrated healthcare. We were also able to refer a mother and child suspected of tuberculosis for further testing.

We say thank you for your continuous support and donations.


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