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We had a very handful work day at Jesuko Community .Word is spreading amongst community dwellers about our interventions. This is also possible because the women tend to respond to interventions better when there are other incentives attached like the mosquito nets and sanitary pads we have been distributing during routine antenatal outreaches.

In all we attended to 20 pregnant women with free routine antenatal drugs, routine antenatal checkup and referred them to our routine antenatal postnatal care and immunization event venues for tomorrow so they can be given the mandatory tetanus shot.

We are consistently able to reach these women because of your continuous support and donations in kind, materials and cash.

This is the highest attendance we have recorded since we started working in Jesuko community.

DAY 2: 4th February 2021

We had a lot on our plate today during our routine antenatal postnatal care immunization and family planning services outreach in Sogunro and oko-agbon communities respectively.

This happened first because we couldn’t meet our fundraising target for the event so we had our team members multitasking on different levels. Our ability to adapt, improvise and keep the ball rolling against all odds helped our resilience.


We met mothers already waiting to be attended to in Sogunro before our team arrived. Our community mobilizer already set up and went door to door to gather as many as possible to the outreach venue. We attended to 32 pregnant women, 20 of these women had their mandatory tetanus shot including few who came from our outreach venue in Jesuko community referred by our team in Jesuko. We had other 7 pregnant women who could not get their tetanus shot because we ran out of it. We immunized 34 babies 20 of who had their BCG vaccination to immunize them against tuberculosis. This also meant that more than 50 percent of these babies were newborns. We also distributed sanitary pads to teenage girls within the community.


We weren’t even sure we were going to be able to hold our routine event in this community today because there has been issues of insecurities within the community that has left a few dead within the community. We however went in good faith this morning after our community mobilizer informed us that things are a bit calm this morning.

Through it all, we attended to 13 pregnant women, 1 of them had her tetanus shot, we distributed free treated mosquito nets and free sanitary pads to few girls in attendance.

We immunized 13 babies one newborn and we recorded more 9month old vaccination today.

We were only able to carry out our community outreaches this month because of your commitment to our cause. Thank you for your consistency.


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